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What is this resource?

Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap) ( is a mature, secure, HIPAA compliant, web-based application for building and managing online surveys and databases. It is the database platform of choice in all CTSA awarded institutions and for other institutions across the globe. REDCap is HIPAA compliant but you are still required to inform the IRB about using REDCap for your project. It is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant ready.

Why REDCap?

  • Build online surveys and databases quickly and securely - Create and design your project rapidly using secure web authentication from your browser. No extra software is required.
  • Fast and flexible - Conception to production-level survey/database in less than one day.
  • Export data to common data analysis packages - Export your data to Microsoft Excel, PDF, SAS, Stata, R, or SPSS for analysis.
  • Ad Hoc Reporting - Create custom queries for generating reports to view or download.
  • Scheduling - Utilize a built-in project calendar and scheduling module for organizing your events and appointments.
  • Easily manage a contact list of survey respondents or create a simple survey link - Build a list of email contacts, create custom email invitations, and track who responds, or you may also create a single survey link to email out or post on a website.
  • REDCap Mobile App - Collect data offline using an app on a mobile device when there is no WiFi or cellular connection, and then later sync data back to the server.
  • Send files to others securely - Using 'Send-It', upload and send files to multiple recipients, including existing project documents, that are too large for email attachments or that contain sensitive data.
  • Save your data collection instruments as a PDF to print - Generate a PDF version of your forms and surveys for printing to collect data offline.
  • Advanced features - Auto-validation, calculated fields, file uploading, branching/skip logic, and survey stop actions.
  • REDCap API - Have external applications connect to REDCap remotely in a programmatic or automated fashion.
  • Data Queries - Document the process of resolving data issues using the Data Resolution Workflow module.
  • Piping - Inject previously collected data values into question labels, survey invitation emails, etc. to provide a more customized experience.


Who can use this resource?

The CTSI-CN has made REDCap ( available to the Children’s National and George Washington University (GW).

How much does access to this resource cost?

There is no charge for current Children’s National and GW faculty, staff, sponsored students, and sponsored affiliates conducting clinical and translational research.

To see the cost of other CTSI-CN resources, please visit SPARC Request.

How do I access this resource?

Requesting a REDCap Account

There are two types of REDCap accounts: data entry accounts and full accounts. Only full accounts are able to create new REDCap projects or copy existing REDCap projects.

  1. If you only need a data entry account, please ask the study team to train you for the data entry process of the project and please fill out the REDCap Account Request Survey and we will grant data entry access.
  2. If you need full access, please fulfill ONE of the following requirements:

a. Attend the on campus hands-on training session (REDCap 101), please click HERE for more information and class sign-up.


b. View the online tutorials and pass the exam with score > 75%, please click HERE for more information and class sign-up

To request a REDCap account, follow this LINK

Who should I contact for more information?

Please contact the REDCap Helpdesk at

All requests for REDCap access, moving databases into production, and approving project changes will be addressed within 48 - 72 hours of your request on Monday through Friday.

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