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Administrative Core

The Clinical and Translational Science Institute at Children’s National (CTSI-CN) serves as a dual-institutional “home for child health clinical and translational research (CTR)” in the Washington, DC metro area. The Administrative Core is integrated across Children’s National Health System (CNHS) and The George Washington University (GW). The Core provides:

  1. A shared vision and trans-disciplinary framework to support inter-institutional collaboration and stakeholder engagement
  2. Coordination and facilitation of resource sharing
  3. Streamlining of regulatory and other research-related processes
  4. A competitive funding program to promote new, innovative CTR through pilot and voucher awards
  5. Timely, strategic communications about CTR opportunities to a broad, multi-institutional membership and community partners
  6. A structure for minimizing barriers for multi-institutional CTR

In the past, the Administrative Core focused on providing a stable, streamlined administrative structure that emphasized child-health CTR, on promoting team science, and on minimizing administrative barriers. While
still providing those functions, the Administrative Core has pivoted toward an outward-collaborative position that more effectively emphasizes enhanced interactions with a broad community of stakeholders (local and national), including other hubs in the CTSA Network, as well as active engagement with NCATS initiatives (e.g., the Trial Innovation Centers, the Recruitment Innovation Centers, and the Domain Task Forces). The overarching objective is to share our expertise in processes, methodologies, and implementation strategies that promote and accelerate high quality child-health CTR. In turn, we will integrate into our hub the vetted, high-value initiatives from other hubs within the CTSA Network that similarly advance child health CTR.

The organizational and governance structure of the Administrative Core is designed to address the following aims:

AIM 1: Provide a flexible, streamlined administrative structure that embraces diverse stakeholders, minimizes barriers, facilitates communications, and effectively leads change to support multi-institutional CTR.

AIM 2: Leverage partnerships within the CTSA Network to share our expertise in processes that promote and accelerate high quality child-health CTR and integrate vetted, high-value processes developed by other
           hubs within the CTSA Network.

AIM 3: Implement continuous and systematic monitoring of milestones and evaluate the impact of the CTSICN on advancing child-health CTR benchmarks – EVALUATION & CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT

AIM 4: Improve the system-wide review and workflow processes to enhance continuous quality improvement and create a sustainable framework for quality and efficiency across the CTSI-CN – QUALITY & EFFICIENCY