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Community Advisory Board

The purpose of the CTSI-CN Community Advisory Board (CAB) is to advise and guide the CTSI-CN Steering Committee and Principal Investigator on community engagement issues. Community engagement is defined as working collaboratively with and through groups who may be affected by translational research.

A major goal of the CAB is to involve community partners collaboratively in the research process in a bi-directional, co-learning environment. The CAB facilitates linkages between community members and CTSI-CN researchers at all stages of the investigative process, from identifying research topics, to participant recruitment, to dissemination. Importantly, the CAB provides guidance to ensure that CTSI-CN researchers become more aware and respectful of the needs and interests of our local communities throughout the research process.

The CTSI-CN Community Advisory Board strives to encourage, support, and conduct collaborative work that can contribute to reducing health disparities and increasing health equity among the most vulnerable populations in our region.