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Engage with the Community: Discover SCIENCE with Dr. Bear


We need volunteers! 

Bring your children or sign up to help. 

We are excited to announce the fall and winter dates for Discover Science with Dr. Bear! “SCIENCE” (a Scientific Creative Innovative Exciting New Cool Experience) is a hands-on STEAM program focusing on health issues of concern to local communities such as asthma, stress and cardiometabolic risk. All programs will take place at six DC libraries throughout the city and will include take-home materials such as family handouts, web resources, apps, and links in both English and Spanish. With our integrated art focused STEM and preventative health educational programming, we will empower children and families by encouraging curiosity and discovery to improve reading readiness and mastery of STEM concepts. 

To sign-up for a volunteer shift please click the link ( to view upcoming dates and locations. 

Any questions or concerns can be directed to Program Coordinator ( or Program Manager (