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The Great CTSA Team Science Contest

The Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) Program has identified Team Science as a critical element of clinical and translational research. The Great CTSA Team Science Contest is an opportunity to share your team science experiences (successful or not) with your CTSA Program colleagues. The contest is open to anyone associated with your CTSA (the hub PI, program director, staff member, trainee, student, a participating researcher, a community member, etc.).  
Instructions. Think of something that you have seen or done at your hub’s institution(s) that you think has helped to advance team science. It could be a program, a support service, an event, or anything else. Here are some examples: approaches to facilitate research collaborations; academic-community team partnerships; teaching and training in team science; incentives for team work; evaluation measures of team science; lessons learned. Then, provide the necessary information. You can submit more than one submission per hub.
The Judging. We have assembled a crack team of the best team science researchers and managers in all of CTSA-land. Multiple judges will be asked to read each contest submission (without seeing what person or hub it’s associated with) and rate it for: Importance, Innovation and Impact. The highest-rated submissions will be declared the gold, silver and bronze award winners.  
The Prize. The winners will receive absolutely no prize money, no additional grant funds, and, in fact, nothing of any monetary value whatsoever! They won’t get a medal or a trophy. Instead, they’ll get something every CTSA desires and finds so hard to achieve – bragging rights! The winning hubs will be announced on Monday, October 22, 2018 at the national CTSA Program during the Networking and Poster Session on Monday, and the results will be forever recorded on the world-wide internet somewhere. 

For more information see the CLIC website here.

Submissions for the contest are due September 10.

There is no limit to the number of submissions from a CTSA Program hub. 

The contest is endorsed by the CTSA Program Steering Committee and organized by the Institutional Readiness for Team Science Work Group of the Methods & Processes Domain Task Force.