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Internal Advisory Committee

An Internal Advisory Committee has been organized to optimize communication between the CTSI-CN leadership and the senior leadership of CNHS and GW. This Council will advise the CTSI-CN Director about: 1) identifying and resolving fiscal and programmatic issues relevant to the CTSI-CN; 2) ensuring that institutional resources are made available and used efficiently and effectively to advance CTR in each partner Institutions, and 3) ensuring that the program direction is compatible with institutional priorities and integrated with each Institution’s overall strategic research plan. The ILAC is chaired by Dr. Mark Batshaw, Chief Academic Officer, Physician-in-Chief, and Director of the Children's Research Institute. 

Council Member Institution Leadership Role
Mark L. Batshaw, MD (Chair) CNHS Chief Academic Officer; Physician-in-Chief; Director of the Children’s Research Institute
David L. Wessel, MD CNHS Chief Medical Officer, Hospital and Specialty Services
Scott Koenig, MD, PhD CNHS Chair CRI, Board of Trustees; President/CEO Macrogenics
Leo M. Chalupa, PhD GW Vice President for Research
Jeffrey S. Akman, MD GW Vice President for Health Affairs and Dean, School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Lynn R. Goldman, MD, MPH GW Dean, Milken Institute School of Public Health
Alan G. Wasserman, MD GW Chair, Department of Medicine; President, Medical Faculty Associates