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MSHS in Clinical and Translational Science

The Master of Science in Health Sciences (MSHS) in Clinical and Translational Research programs provide the graduate with the fundamental competencies necessary to practice and lead broad interdisciplinary research initiatives under the evolving paradigm of translational research. The program provides an excellent blend of core and tailored curriculum to further enhance each graduate’s value in a translational research environment. Courses, practicum, projects, and mentored experiences are collectively designed to develop basic, biomedical, clinical, community health services and health policy research into an integrated manner of approaching human health research in the future.

Graduates of the MSHS Clinical and Translational Research programs will enhance global clinical translational research by:

  1. Leading and collaborating with other scientists, clinicians, investigators on translational research teams
  2. Developing a broad foundation of understanding of the philosophies and practices of translational research in human health
  3. Providing strategic direction in matters of translational research priorities
  4. Integrating discipline specific best practices into a new paradigm of health research
  5. Developing translational research proposals in collaboration with professionals from other disciplines

For more information on MSHS: Clinical and Translational Research click here. View the GW School of Medicine & Health Sciences CTR flyer.pdf

CTR Informational Session, 11/13/13
Educating Translational Researchers (CTR Poster).pdf