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Collaboration & Multidisciplinary Team Science

What is this resource?

The goal of the Collaboration and Multidisciplinary Team Science (CMTS) module is to foster collaborative research teams among the varied scientific and clinical disciplines represented in the CTSI-CN and the broad community. We have focused our efforts in three areas:

1) Voucher Funding Opportunities

Several times a year funding announcements are made available on the CTSI-CN website, specifically to support services for research carried out by multidisciplinary teams. Our goal is to encourage formation of productive teams that can answer challenging research questions through cutting-edge approaches that require expertise from different fields. Previously funded vouchers are listed HERE.

2) App Development Workshop

We host an annual collaborative event each spring at GWU that focuses on pitching and developing novel medical software applications. Open calls for ideas are posted each fall on the CTSI-CN website. The ten most promising are then invited to the spring workshop, where the ideas are pitched and vetted, and may be selected for development. Selected projects receive technical and commercialization advice from experienced faculty. The first workshop was held last spring and resulted in several awards to assist investigators with app development. The first prototype app, BabyData, automates calculations commonly used in NeoNatal Intensive Care Units. It is currently being tested by the clinical lead. The call for ideas for the Spring 2018 workshop will go out soon.

3)Team Science

Team science is a collaborative interdisciplinary effort to address a scientific challenge that leverages the strengths and expertise of professionals trained in different fields. We have developed a team science survey that was recently sent to all faculty. Based on the results of that survey, we plan to offer educational activities and services that address the needs of the community.

Who can use this resource?

The services and programs offered by the CMTS are availiable to all current Children’s National and George Washington University (GW) faculty, staff, and sponsored students.

How much does access to this resource cost?

Not Applicable. To see the cost of other CTSI-CN resources, please visit SPARC Request.

How do I access this resource?

All CTMS funding opportunites and workshops will be shared via the CTSI-CN listserv. CTMS Team Science consultation sessions will be scheduled individually on a one-on-one basis.

Who should I contact for more information?

Please visit the CTSI-CN Faculty and Staff Directory to seek the faculty/staff member responsible for this resource.

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