Point Person Project

The Clinical and Translational Science Institute at Children’s National (CTSI-CN) serves as a catalyst for research that moves ideas into products that impact health. The Point-Person-Project (PPP) is an effort of the Pediatrics Committee of the national Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) Consortium funded by NIH and is designed to bring together private and public sponsors of drug and device trials with academic investigators with common interests in conducting clinical trials.

Thus far, the national PPP has been quite successful in advancing projects in a number of relevant pediatric fields and in facilitating the conduct of important pediatric studies. Children’s National is a participant in this project and is asking for your help in this effort.  Here is how it works: Sponsors interested in engaging investigators in specific clinical trial initiatives submit their concept to the national PPP. Proposals are screened by the CTSA pediatric leadership and then distributed to a pediatric point person at each of the CTSA sites across the country.

At the CTSI-CN the Point Person contact is Abby Bronson, MBA 


  • When a PPP concept is received at Children's National it will be distributed by Abby Bronson or Dr. Ed Connor to relevant investigators and will be posted on the CTSA website.
  • If you receive a project description, please read it and respond using the link contained in the material as to your level of interest (interest, non-interest, or request additional information).
  • If you express interest (or request additional information) you will be contacted and invited to participate in a call at which the project is discussed with the sponsor.