Genomics/Proteomics capabilities as part of the Innovative Strategies and Services (ISS) Component is designed to support rigorous CTR investigations and training by:

  • Providing state-of-the-art emerging technologies for clinical and translational research
  • Offering specialized resources from design through analysis for large or small projects
  • Moving high-value novel methodologies and discoveries from innovation to implementation
Sample Services:
  • Sequencing (whole exome, targeted, microbiome, RNA/miRNA)
  • Illumina and Affymetrix Arrays (profiling, methylation, transcriptome, etc.)
  • Mass Spectrometry (metabolomics, labeled proteomics, post-translational modifications), 2-D Gel
  • Bioinformatics, Statistical Genetic Analysis
  • SNP analysis, ELISA, NanoString, RT-PCR