Podcasts - Study Result Dissemination

In collaboration with the GW Center for Healthcare Innovation & Policy Research (CHIPR), the CTSI-CN works with investigators to develop materials about their study results for dissemination to the community, informing the community about advances pertinent to clinical care and thus allow patients to be more informed self-advocates. 

  1. Clinical Immunology: Developing a Vaccine for Hookworm (Released Aug 15, 2016): Dr. David Diemert is an innovative research focused on developing an effective hookworm vaccine and characterizing hookworm biology. An Associate Professor of The Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Tropical Medicine (MITM), Dr. Diemert co-hosts the clinical immunology laboratory and clinical trials unit of the Sabin Vaccine Institute Product Development Partnership (Sabin PDP), an Albert B. Sabin Vaccine Institute-funded partnership to develop new vaccines for neglected tropical diseases. In collaboration, both labs are currently running five phase 1 clinical trials for a hookworm vaccine: Two of these trials are carried out at the Children’s National Medical Center and the GW Medical Faculty Associates in Washington D.C., two in collaboration with the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FIOCRUZ) in Belo Horizonte and Americaninhas (Minas Gerais) in Brazil and one in Lambaréné in Gabon.Chemotherapy & MR-HIFU for Recurrent Childhood Tumors
  2. Chemotherapy & MR-HIFU for Recurrent Childhood Tumors (Released Apr 21, 2017): AeRang Kim, MD, PhD, is a member of the solid tumor faculty at Children’s National Health System and an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics. Dr. Kim's specializes in sarcomas and developmental therapeutics. Her research focuses on development of novel therapeutics for pediatric cancer including pre-clinical testing of novel agents, pharmacokinetic analysis, developing innovative methods for toxicity monitoring, and clinical trial design. She serves as the principal investigator of multiple early phase trials in pediatric oncology, sarcomas, and NF1 associated tumors.