CTSI-CN Contacts by Component

CTSI-CN Contacts (by Component)
Lisa Guay-Woodford, MD Principal Investigator Children's National
Robert Miller, PhD Co-Principal Investigator George Washington University
Amanda Kasper, MPH Director of Operations Children's National
Aaron Lee Program Coordinator George Washington University
Mendel Tuchman, MD Member, Executive Committee Children's National
Pamela Hinds, PhD, RN, FAAN Member, Executive Committee Children's National
Valery Yankov Lead Financial Coordinator Children's National
Nichole Banks, MSA Lead Program Coordinator Children's National
Karen McDonnell, PhD Tracking and Evaluation Lead George Washington University
Nitasha Chaudhary Nagaraj, MPH Tracking and Evaluation George Washington University
Anita Chandra, DrPH Tracking and Evaluation RAND Corporation
Biomedical Informatics (BI)
Brian Jacobs, MD Director Children's National
Hiroki Morizono, PhD Co-Director Children's National
Keith Crandall, PhD Director, Computational Biology Institute George Washington University
Dongkyu Kim, PhD Informatics Architect Children's National
Clinical Studies Resource (CSR)
Sheela Magge Director Children's National
Kirsten Williams Scientific Director Children's National
Camilla Colvin PCI Administrative Lead Children's National
Gary Simon, MD, PhD Co-Director George Washington University
Donna Embersit Associate Director, Clinical Research George Washington University
Sean Hofherr, PhD Biorepository Children's National
Javad Nazarian, PhD Biorepository Children's National
Sybille Swanson, DrEd NPEC Coordinator Children's National
Kristina Hardy, PhD NPEC Coordinator Children's National
Brenda Martin, RN, MSN, CPNP Research Nurse Practitioner Children's National
Ianka Laidlow Senior Clinical Operations Representative Children's National
Jurran Wilson Clinical Research Coordinator Children's National
Jonise Handy Clinical Research Coordinator Children's National
Janet Platt Billing Analyst Children's National
Community Engaged Research/Health Policy (CER/HP)
Chaya Merrill, DrPH Assistant Director Children's National
Avi Dor, PhD Comparative Effectiveness Faculty Lead George Washington University
Melissa Goldstein, JD Legal Consultant George Washington University
Design, Epidemiology and Biostatistics (DEB)
Avital Cnaan, PhD Director Children's National
Samuel Simmens, PhD, MA Co-Director George Washington University
Dan Zhang REDCap User Support Children's National
Yao Cheng, MS Biostatistician Children's National
Jianping He, MS Biostatistician Children's National
Robert McCarter, ScD Faculty Statistician Children's National
Jichuan Wang, PhD Faculty Statistician Children's National
Naji Younes, PhD  Sr. Faculty Statistician George Washington University
Angelo Elmi, PhD Jr. Faculty Statistician George Washington University
Innovative Strategies and Services (ISS)
Eric Hoffman, PhD Director Children's National
Kevin Cleary, PhD Co-Director; Director, Imaging Children's National
Kristy Brown, PhD Director, Proteomics Children's National
Susan Knoblach, PhD Director, Genomics Children's National
Pilot Studies Program (PSP)
Robert Freishtat, MD Director Children's National
Peter Scheidt, MD, MPH Director, Office of Grants Enhancement Children's National
Cynthia Rand, PhD Office of Grants Enhancement Children's National
Stephan Ladisch, MD Office of Grants Enhancement Children's National
Dawn Griffiths Administrative Support, Office of Grants Enhancement Children's National
Research Education, Training and Career Development (RETCD)
Naomi Luban, MD Director Children's National
Joseph Bocchino, EdD, MBA Co-Director George Washington University
Linda Werling, PhD Co-Associate Director George Washington University
Karen Schlumph, MPH Course Development Specialist George Washington University
Samar Nasser, PhD, MPH Course Development Specialist George Washington University
Amy King, MDE Student Coordinator George Washington University
Yolanda Haywood, MD SMHS Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion George Washington University
Gaetano Lotrecchiano, PhD, EdD Course Developer George Washington University
Research Ethics/Regulatory Knowledge and Support (RE/RKS)
Tomas Silber, MD, MAAS Director Children's National
Sheila Garrity, JD, MPH, MBA Executive Director, Research Integrity and Compliance George Washington University
Adriana Brigatti, JD, MPH Director, Research Regulatory Affairs Children's National
Maryann Rossi, PhD Accreditation and Education Manager Children's National
Jan Martinez, BA, CIM, CIP IRB Analyst Children's National