TriNetX is a federated clinical data network of providers, pharmaceutical companies and Contract Research Organizations (CROs) used to enhance clinical trial design and accelerate trial site and patient recruitment. TriNetX membership increases the flow of sponsored research to providers and enables pharmaceutical companies and CROs to find the right patients at the right sites for clinical trials.

The CTSI-CN has partnered with TriNetX to support providers in a multitude of ways, some of which are:
  • TriNetX will help increase your participation in industry-sponsored clinical trials, which in return creates a sustainable funding source for your research, an ability to influence pharma in bringing new therapies to market, and better competitive positioning for federal grants.
  • TriNetX provides a sophisticated set of tools and capabilities to enhance your own research capabilities using your own institution’s data.
  • TriNetX gives you the ability to create ad-hoc research networks with other provider organizations while remaining in full control of your data and whom you decide to collaborate with.
  • Clinical Investigators can use TriNetX for their own internal research, and they have the ability to form collaborative peer networks with other members.