Certificate in Biomedical Computing

Biomedical Computing is becoming a very important part of health care as the use of computers become prevalent in patient records and confidentiality, medical imaging, diagnosis and treatment, health care management, and bioinformatics. There is a high demand for individuals with a technical background in computer science with practical domain knowledge of problems in health care. The CTSI-CN Certificate in Biomedical Computing is designed to address these needs and increasing demands.

The Certificate will be granted by CTSI-CN to undergraduate (Junior or Senior status) and graduate students at the George Washington University (primarily students in the Department of Computer Science) who have completed a set of courses and have completed a project in collaboration with the CTSI-CN. The main objective of the Certificate is to combine academic experience with practical hands-on training through applications in real-world domains.

The particular set of courses and the specific topic of the applied study project will be determined in consultation with the advisor at GW (Dr. James Hahn) and faculty at Children’s National (Dr. Hiroki Morizono).

Courses (not an exclusive list):

CSCI 3571 Introduction to Bioinformatics (same as BiSc 2584, may be taken for grad credit)
CSCI 4237 Software Design for Handheld Devices
CSCI 4361 Simulation Methods (may be taken for grad credit)
CSCI 4364 Machine Learning
CSCI 4511 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (may be taken for grad credit)
CSCI 4554 Computer Graphics I
CSCI 4576 Introduction to Biomedical Computing
CSCI 4572 Computational Biology (may be taken for grad credit)
CSCI 4577 Biomedical Computing (may be taken for grad credit)
CSCI 6448 Scientific Databases and Knowledge Formation
CSCI 6351 Data Compression
CSCI 6572 Computational Biology Algorithms
CSCI 6441 Database Management Systems
CSCI 6442 Database Systems
CSCI 6443 Data Mining
CSCI 6451 Information Retrieval Systems
CSCI 6554 Computer Graphics II
CSCI 8554 Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics

Applied Study Project:

The applied study project will be conducted at Children’s National. The student will apply academic studies to practical hands-on problems in biomedical computing. Some possible topics include: data interchange, visualization, workflow, HealthIT, EMR, security, best practices research and documentation, system design, and bioinformatics. During the duration of the project, the student will enroll in 3908 Research (undergraduate) or 6908 Research (graduate) with Prof. James Hahn. Please consult Drs. Hahn or Morizono regarding specific projects.


Full-time, undergraduate (Junior or Senior status) or graduate students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Applications Should Include:

  1. Application cover page
  2. ​Proposal (max. 1 page, 12 pt. font, 0.5" margins): Provide a description of the proposed project (background, motivation, objectives). Describe what if any equipment and facilities are needed to conduct the study.
  3. Student’s resume
  4. Student’s unofficial transcript


Apply for a CTSI-CN Certificate in Biomedical Computing here.