CTSI-CN Biorepository

CTSI-CN Biorepository: Collection, Processing, Storage and Distribution of Biospecimens

The CTSI-CN Biorepository provides assistance in the setup, logistics, collection, processing and storage of specimens for biobanking purposes.
The types of specimens that we currently process and store include:
  • whole blood
  • buccal swabs
  • urine
  • saliva
  • buffy coat
CTSI-CN biobanking services include:
  • Specimen collection
  • Specimen processing (e.g. DNA extraction) and storage at the Clinical Studies Resource (CSR) for biospecimens collected in accordance to approved IRB protocols
  • Database management including data entry, sample location, related clinical information and specimen recovery
  • Coordinate future sample analyses with the Proteomics Genomics Core lab at Children’s National
Our lab facility follows strict Standard Operating Procedures for sample collection & processing, DNA extraction, sample storage, location and recovery.

Additional Services:
  • Prospective biospecimen collection to fulfill investigator needs for IRB-approved protocols
  • Storage for biospecimens collected by investigators under IRB-approved protocols. Stored biospecimens belong solely to the investigator
  • Software tools (Freezer Pro) for sample log, sample data entry, bar coding and location
Location & Contact:
The CTSI-CN Clinical Studies Resource Biorepository main location is on the 3rd floor Main inside the CSR/CRC area. For questions or to arrange a tour, please request a consultation via our SPARC Request Portal.