DC Health Matters

CTSI-CN partnered with area academic institutions and community-based organizations to develop a data-driven community health portal: DC Health Matters. DC Health Matters is a one-stop resource that provides a continually updated assessment of health and well-being for DC communities. The portal connects community health data to promising practices, local resources, and funding:
  • Data provides timely, local, actionable indicators for several social determinants of health: health, economy, education, environment, government, public safety, social environment, and transportation
  • Promising Practices shares evidence-based programs for key social determinants of health
  • Local Resources & Funding Opportunities showcases a rich compilation of local resources and funding opportunities related to these social determinants of health
  • Share & Take Action lets users collaborate on ways to improve community health
CTSI-CN engages with local organizations to enhance the portal with content most beneficial to our community. The site will evolve to foster collaboration among community-based organizations and researchers.